Couch Removal

Couch removal 

Are you wondering how to get rid of your old couch? We know couch removal isn’t an easy task. While most garbage collection companies refuse to collect such large items, heavy fines can be imposed for dumping furniture improperly. The couch removal team at Branden’s Junk Service knows how to properly haul away junk. We will remove all the heavy items from your home or office and ensure that they get recycled or donated if they are in good condition.

When you book our service for furniture pickup, our team will come to your location to pick up and remove any used couch, including old stools, armchairs, heavy sofas, etc. With all the heavy lifting and the towing, we can easily provide furniture disposal service. At Branden’s furniture pickup is a reliable, economical, and responsible on-site service that you can use to get rid of your couch.

How to Dispose Of Used Couches For Free

The easiest way to get rid of used couches is to contact Branden’s Junk Service. However, if you want to save money and have more time in hand, you can use the following alternative methods:
1. Keep it outside with a note "Please take me or pick me up".
2. If your couch is in good condition and has a fire safety mark, consider donating it to a furniture recycling center.
3. Sell it online.
4. Deliver it to a local furniture shop nearby